Unified Platform for Mobile and Web applications

Online-Offline operations

Users are not bound anymore to network availability. They can confidently leave the office, meet customers and use the tools they need to care for their clients. The work they have done offline can later be synched to the host once they reach a mobile network or dock in home or the office.

One code-base for each platform

The HTML5 and JavaScript-based client-side technology and the embedded document-based database manager supports Calcative’s operation on a wide variety of devices. Platforms supported by the client: iOS (iPad), Android, Mac OS X or Windows.

Deploy the same code to various environments, giving multiple optins for access to your users:

  • iOS, Android, PC application for both online and offline use;
  • portal deployment for those users who need direct Internet access

Application as data

Calcative is designed to have two layers:

  • an application framework running on clients and servers which are optimized for specific platforms;
  • the business functions satisfying specific client needs implemented as scripts (primarily JavaScript and CoffeeScript) which the application framework can run on various platforms.

The business applications are distributed using the data synchronization mechanism that is also used to synchronize the user edited contents. The installation of code modifications is done automatically by the application framework.

Data and Application distribution

Data and applications are distributed and synchronized among same-level nodes via peer-to-peer replication. Replication allows for upstream real-time data aggregation of data as soon as the Internet is reachable. The same replication mechanism is used to push application changes downstream to client devices.

Document management

Calcative implements document management functions using the Alfresco content management platform. Alfresco provides document storage and retrieval functions. The search engine works on the captured metadata or on full text. The extension developed for Alfresco creates and sends the generated quotes and applications as well assures the integration with the Insurer back-office systems and processes.