Calcative Pricing


With CalcativeCloud you get a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and do not need to invest into setting up the infrastructure to support your sales channels.

Payee based
Transaction based
10 EUR/month
2% of new business contract value

Calcative On-Premise

Calcative can also be licensed to be installed on the customer's infrastructure.

Ask for a perpatual license fee
Customized for your environment
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Product Implementation

Transfer the proposal package as-is as a PDF
Transfer product calculations in Excel sheets
Transfer required validation rules in Excel sheets
Transfer the corp design guidelines

Calcative product implementation team will digitize your contract package

on a 350 EUR / proposal input page price

As a result you get:
product calculation and quotation pages
product proposal data capture pages
legal terms acceptance pages
Proposal document (PDF) factory services to create and store documents
an Enterprise Content Management space to store documents
GUI theming according to corporate graphical guidelines

Network administration

• Option A
Use the provided sales network administrator tool to register users, and product authorizations.

• Option B
Use the provided API to upload sales networks, sales network administrators, users and product access rights. Once user accounts are created, sales staff can start registering and use the portal as a self service application.

New business integration

The automatic underwriting rules and paper-free sales processes help decrease the sales costs, while the simple user interface reduces the costs of training.