Social and Mobile Technologies in Insurance Sales & Marketing

19th November, 2015

Social and Mobile changing Insurance Sales & Marketing

Social and mobile technologies are transforming the traditional insurance sales channels too.

Customer behaviour is changing -

  • the traditional way to get corporate messages through to clients via sales representatives is being replaced by the model of
  • customers actively searching for information on brands and products using a more and more diversified selection of digital channels: websites, blogs, native feeds, social apps, etc. The sales representative can only accommodate successfully to this new customer behaviour if the insurance company enables him/her by providing the appropriate sales support tools.

In order to work out a strategy to address this, you might want to consider the following:

  • Select the right digital publishing technology - be able to distribute content to both the sales channels and directly to (potential) customers. Your sales channels can give a boost to your content distribution.
  • Shift the focus of client communications to Digital content distribution channels - their importance is on the rise.
  • Engage customers digitally exploiting the additional benefit of
    • personalisation
    • interactivity and
    • measurability.
  • Redefine the digital entry points you provide to customers to interact during the sales process (access to financial plans, quotations, etc).
  • Track the customer’s digital journey. As digital content distribution and inbound marketing gets more traction, you will be able to gather substantially more analytical data which you can use for profiling and follow-up sales activity. Sales should know about certain customer services requests, could use information to engage with customers if they know what he was doing on the c/s portal, etc.
  • Treat sales reps like customers. Target sales channels on the digital channels just like you target customers. Tracking sales content interactions will also give you valuable analytics just as in the case of customers. Profile sale journeys just as customer journeys. This way you can be a lot more precise in dealing with alternative channels or your own sales reps.
  • Fit native content distribution to information savvy customers. This works very well with customers who want to be in the driver seat. Native content distribution provides sophisticated targeting options not available on other channels.
  • Tablets and mobile tools will - if not already have - become the sales rep’s most important platform. Mobile IT infrastructures are becoming mature to support the security requirements of the financial domain.

Are you using the right tools and technologies to empower sales channels and customers in the changing digital landscape ?