Use Calcative Campaigns

12th February, 2015

Campaign management using Calcative

Calcative combined with IBM Campaign Creator can provide a unique opportunity for sales and marketing to drive product or other sales campaigns through the direct or indirect sales channels. IBM Campaign Creator will give you the flexibility to set up rule based and effective targeting of your sales content, while Calcative will provide you the User Interface used daily by your sales channels.

Setting up your campaign is as easy as the followings:

Create your campaign

Create your new campaign in the campaign editor, giving it a name, description and time intervals. alt text

Author the content

Use a built-in editor to create your campaign content.

Set rules for appearance

Optional rules include:

  • Setting a maximum number of impressions / views per user
  • Limiting the rate of views per user per time period
  • Delaying the message display a defined number of milliseconds

Select target segments

Segments can be defined based on device type, user type, your own custom segment data and more. Premium audience features include location, weather, and other custom attributes. Since Calcative manages the sales networks, targeting a campaign can be detailed and effective targeting the right sales people.

Set user triggering events and rules

A triggering event is the action that a Calcative user takes to prompt the display of the message you have configured. Actions can be deliberate or passive. Some examples are:

  • When sales opens the application
  • When sales is browsing the product catalog
  • When the product configuration results in a premium larger than a certain amount
  • When the sales selects or does not select a certain coverage
  • etc.

Refine appearance rules

Rules are diverse but fall into a few categories:

  • Day of the week or time of the event
  • Frequency or recency of event
  • Value of the event (i.e. is frequency premium high enough?)
  • Attribute of the browsing user.

alt text