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From Leads to Compensation

Lead management
Financial planning
Product illustration
Proposal processing
Sales Performance Management

Organize Leads using the Pipeline manager

Have you ever lost track of a lead ? Do you know your lead's status ? Your team's leads ? Can you oversee your sales team's performance ? Pipeline manager will give sales managers and sales reps the necessary tools to manage day-to-day tasks as well as analyse lead flow through your pipeline. The Analysis view of the pipeline stages can tell:

  • number of deals in stage
  • average deal/premium size
  • average conversion rates
  • sales velocity

Present your brand, Products and Services

Do you provide the right content to your sales channels to present your brand, products & services ? Do you have the right tools to distribute your content ? Can the sales reps access it right when they are facing the customers ? Make attractive and interactive brand, product and services presentations. Distribute sales best practices, presentations and training material efficiently across your sales channels.

  • Let Marketing and Sales staff edit your own presentations
  • Distribute presentations through all sales channels
  • Play presentations offline or online
  • Embed your existing audio-video media into the presentations

Financial Planner

Do your customers understand the necessary financial concepts in order to make the right decision ? Do you understand their needs to offer one ? Do you enable sales reps to provide a differentiating experience to your customers ? Calcative Financial Planner will help both your sales people and your customers. The advisor is provided with a financial planner that takes her through a clear process, gathers the required data, analyse needs, identify requirements and helps configure the solutions.

  • Financial Planning integrated with the sales platform
  • Initiate insurance / investment product illustrations directly from financial planning
  • Attach product proposals to the Financial Plan
  • Identify customer profiles for later cross-selling opportunities
  • Share the Financial Plan with your customers

Take leads from illustrations to paperless contracting

Take leads from illustrations to

Explain your customer the benefits she can expect if she bought your product. Show it either as a chart or in a tabular format.

Do you still sign papers when contracting ? Make your quotation process paperless,
use electronic signatures and achieve cost-efficient, automated new business processing

Forms processing

Mobilizing sales is important. A Sales reps best friend will soon be a Tablet. But are tablets fit for data capture ? Electronic quotation processing will decrease data capture errors and will contribute to cost effective proposal processing. Use our innovative form management features (Hybrid input) to make your mobile devices a suitable platform for data capture. This will allow you to use handwriting and voice recognition as alternative input methods to fill form input fields.

  • Use standard widgets to capture contractual data or
  • Use our innovative Voice or Handwriting capabilities

Workflow and Document Management

Can you involve your mobile sales staff in your sales or customer service workflows ? Our standards based workflow and form engine will provide the right platform to:

  • Mobilize your document oriented workflows
  • Design custom processes
  • Back-office administrators to trigger workflows
  • Mobile users / sales to receive and perform pending tasks

Where is it useful ?

  • Prevention process
  • Retention process
  • New Business process: attach digital certificates
  • New Business process: complete missing documents
  • Claims processes: capture claims data using mobile devices

Share enterprise information and collaborate with team members

Charge your business with push messages, this will make even a geographically distributed organization stay up to date with relevant information. Open up your back-end systems and make your field staff knowledgable and take the right actions. Having timely information will boost the organization's reaction time, shorten time to market, increase account retention, raise impact of incentive systems. Use your PC, tablet or phone to regularly check new events, messages.

Manage your channels, hierarchy and devices

Calcative is the platform that adapts to your unique sales channel strategy. It follows the setup of your sales channel topology from the head-office down to individual field sales, whether it is the tied sales force or independent partners. The unique distributed nature provides solutions to B2B information boundaries between the carrier and resellers. Setups can provide the assurance for your sales partners their required privacy, while the authorized information flows effortlessly in both directions.

Align your team's performance with goals and targets

Make performance measurable, setting targets with proper feedback will trigger the right behaviour. Field sales can check the pipeline and performance indicators to see if they will meet the targets, how they stand compared to their peers and goals. Managers can concentrate on the right people to strengthen the core (middle performer) sales staff.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

The simple, sales-centered and intuitive user interface reduces the training period and improve sales productivity. The automatic underwriting rules and paper-free business processes shorten the sales cycle.

Business Quality

Business Quality

The performance of your sales agents can be monitored effectively along the entire sales hierarchy. Financial planning and the integrated prevention processes help reduce the outstanding premiums and the number of portfolio cancellations.

Business Efficiency

Business Efficiency

The automatic underwriting rules and paper-free sales processes help decrease the sales costs, while the simple user interface reduces the costs of training.

Financial planning

Financial planning

The financial planning which is focused on the actual financial needs and opportunities of customers can help eliminate miss-selling and also contribute to successful customer retention. As a result of using financial planning the average premium of portfolio increases and the embedded value continuously grows.

Sales Compliance

Sales Compliance

Sales, based on authorizations and skills facilitates compliance with legal requirements and, if combined with prevention processes, helps eliminate incorrect or fraudulent sales.



Planning and registration of your geographic sales locations, - if GPS service is available on the device- , makes field work more efficient. If location information is used for monitoring purposes it helps avoid incorrect or fraudulent sales.